How Unsend Instagram Message Feature That Works Well In 2023

Instagram is the most engaging social media platform where users can utilize a direct messaging system to interact with wider people. The DM feature works great to spread more interaction on Instagram  in order to boost your posts and add up to the existing followers count for any Instagram account. Instagram increases the interaction between you and your followers. Using direct messages is an integral part of Instagram to share information between your potential followers or favorite persons. Moreover, some users may send the wrong message and look for a way to delete it. To make it simple, Instagram introduced the Unsend Message feature.

What Is an Unsend Message On Instagram?

Do you know how Instagram matches our needs and expectations? Recently Instagram is regularly rolling out new features like reacting to messages, turning on your vanish mode, and unsending messages making the platform user-friendly to audiences.

But what happens when using the Unsend Instagram Message feature? The unsend message on Instagram stops users from sending unwanted or wrong messages that they have sent to the person already. The unsend Instagram message deletes the particular message for both sender and the receiver.

How Unsend Instagram Message Work?

If you want to delete the particular message that you have sent already, know how to unsend a message on Instagram with the below steps:

  1. First, log in to your Instagram account and go to the Direct Message section. 
  2. Open the conversation for which you need to unsend message.
  3. Hold on the particular message if you are an Android user or swipe left for iPhones.
  4. There will be three options displayed in addition to the emojis reaction.
  • Reply
  • Unsend
  • More
  1. From the above options, click the Unsend option.
  2. A pop-up message appears and confirms it by clicking the Unsend option again.
  3. The message will disappear on the receiver end. 

Note: The Unsend message feature on Instagram works when the receiver ends up not yet viewed your message.

How To Unsend Instagram Video On DM?

More than messages, users send videos from reels or IGTV features to the people on the DM section. Instagram users spend the most time on the explore page or reels page, watching plenty of short videos. If they find interesting videos with more reels likes, it tends to be shared with close friends. When people find interesting content in your reels,  you will probably find it easy to gain likes and huge popularity for your Instagram reels from within a short time you post it.  With millions of videos streaming, people choose to share the trending reels videos to gain the receiver’s attention. However, some may send the video to the wrong person. To make it disappear, follow the below steps:

  1. Choose a video either from the explore page or the reels page that you want to share with your Instagram contacts.
  2. Click on the Paper Airplane icon at the bottom of the video screen.
  3. A list of your friends on the recent chat appears.
  4. Select the required one to whom you want to send the video.
  5. Before getting it done, if you wish not to share the video with a person, tap on the Send button again to Unsend the Instagram video.

Does The User Gets Instagram Unsend Message Notification?

The Unsend Message feature on Instagram helps users to avoid messages with mistakes. But some get worried whether the receiver gets the notification while unsending it. But fortunately, Instagram will not provide notifications for unsent messages on the DM feature. The notification while sending a message disappears after using the Unsend feature on Instagram. Therefore, to enhance the user experience, Instagram unsend message notification disappears on the receiver’s end.

Can I Recover Unsend Messages On Instagram?

Are you looking ahead to recover deleted messages on Instagram? It is possible! Follow the below steps to get the unsent messages:

  1. Open your Instagram application with your login details.
  2. Go to your profile and navigate into Settings.
  3. Then, move on to Security.
  4. Under Data and History, choose Download Data.
  5. Enter your registered mail id and tap Done to get a mail of all your Instagram data within 5 minutes.

On the downloaded Zip folder, you will get all the chat histories.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is an excellent user-friendly application that helps audiences to enjoy multiple features. One of the best features is the Unsend messages, which came up with a solution to regret mistakenly sending something to a person on Instagram. I am sure the above tips join hands in getting answers for using the Unsend Instagram message feature.